Ed’s Big 2016 Challenge

Local journalist Edward Lee has set himself a big challenge for 2016 – and he wants others to join in.
He has committed to run and walk a total of 2,600km – 50km a week – to raise money for Petal and Pendleside Hospice
Kicking off in January, he will aim to complete a series of challenges on his way to completing the ultimate challenge.
The first way people can help him is to sign up for the challenge.
He will be tracking all his runs and walks – all of which must be at least 5km – through Endomondo.
Create an account either on your phone or your computer.  Download the app to your smartphone and then make sure it is active whenever you put on your running shoes or hiking boots.
To keep Ed on his toes, simply log into Endomondo and in the Challenges section join Ed’s Big Challenge. All your runs and walks will be totalled up and will help encourage Ed to keep going all year round.
There will be various fund-raising activities as the year progresses which will be highlighted on our website
Complete 2,600 kilometres in 2016.
Complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks.
Complete the Pendle Three Peaks.
Organise an event which covers the length of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal from Leeds to Liverpool – and then back again – in one day
Complete a half-marathon.
Take part in the Pendle Pub Walk.
Run the Burnley 10k (formerly the Pennine Lancashire 10k).
Complete the Pendle Way.
Complete the Burnley Way.
Take part in the Petal Festival of Fun/Relay for Life.